Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

I work with teenagers to develop success habits and great character leading them towards paving their own path and making their mark on the world as confident young adults. Our Framework is centred around Emotional and Social Intelligence.

Joe Mikaele Ah-Kuoi

As a high school teacher who's held multiple positions in Senior Leadership Teams with over a decade of experience, Joe is passionate about moulding today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders and knows what it takes to help them reach their full potential.

Some of Joe's professional highlights include coordinating student leadership groups, curriculum leader and head of  student well-being, Indigenous leaders program facilitator, school sports coach.

He is driven to leave a lasting impact and mark on our young adults through guidance and mentorship.

What we offer

Find out how our life education and mentoring program will enhance the personal development of every teenager on their quest to reach their full potential and a fulfilled life.

Self-development courses

Our courses provide a range of opportunities to learn the core principles of good character, leadership and success. You will have the support of a mentor every step of the way.



Pair your child up with one of our passionate mentors to support their goals, character and leadership development to help them reach happiness and success.


Our MISSION is to help young people achieve success as future Leaders

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"Joe has proven himself to be capable of building strong, productive relationships with students at our school. Students value his guidance and helpfulness."

Mark Peggrem
High School Principal - Gold Coast

"Mr. Ah-Kuoi always understood and instilled in us the principle that leadership is not just a buzz word to use in your résumé, nor a quality to be exercised blindly - rather, it is the requisite force in motivating others to set aside that which is easy or self-serving in favour of that which is right. Mr Ah-Kuoi embodied this mantra through his tireless efforts to ensure student health and well-being didn't succumb to the pressures of bureaucracy. He remained a diligent, approachable and motivated mentor throughout my school experience, and it was a privilege to benefit from his expertise."

Joshua Pelach
Student & Young Leader

"Having worked with Joe for several years I can truthfully say that his capacity to inspire and drive positive change in adolescents is of the highest standard. I have personally witnessed Joe mentor and coach troubled youth into successful and confident adults. He is an inspiration to many young people who have been privileged to work with him."

Dan Kaggelis
Head of Department of Humanities - Cairns

"Mr Ah-Kuoi was the best year coordinator my cohort could ever have. He believed every student had the potential to succeed and strived to help every student achieve the best they could. Mr Ah-Kuoi gave us many amazing memories and the best last year of school any cohort could have! Thank you for believing in us!"

Casey Robbins
Student & Young Leader

"As a professional teacher, Joe has the opportunity to work with many young people in an educational context. His passion is to support their learning and self development in leadership, self-belief and resilience as well as many other essential aspects of wellbeing. Joe is a gentle and focussed young man who is motivated to establish Strive Lane, the essence of his motivation in developing our young people so they can overcome barriers and recognise their potential. "

Jude Di Giacomo
Head of Campus - QPSC Townsville

"Mr Ah-Kuoi encouraged me not to give up on myself and start my own YouTube channel. He is not only my inspiration but my motivation as his mentoring makes me push more in life and strive for a better life. When he told me to follow my dreams and do what I'm passionate about, I started my own YouTube channel and I will keep pushing until I am a successful person of influence."

Abdi Abdulahi Hassan
Student & Future Leader

"Joe had the opportunity to work with our disengaged youth of Townsville. I found him very calm and knowledgeable when engaging with students and staff. His positive outlook and hard work to help provide our young generation with a positive mindset to believe in themselves and to strive for success are his main qualities."

Chris Gray
Student Support - QPSC Townsville

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